Che Gourmet Ceviche Salt

Ceviche Salt represents the prominent flavours found in the amazing countries of Chile ???????? & Peru ???????? Ceviche Salt is inspired by the spices used in both their national dishes Ceviche, a dish made with raw fish ????, corn ????, onions, peppers ????and a variety of veg all “cooked” with lemon ???? juice. The scientific process that cooks meat with heat in the oven is the same one that cooks it with acid.

The bold flavour of Cumin bursts through as the star of this seasoning so is perfect for any raw foods such as fish, raw veggies, potato salads and even meat. This seasoning may be inspired by a seafood dish but as all Che Gourmet products, it does not contain any animal products whatsoever and is completely vegan????Whoop! 

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All the Kimchi Love

Che Gourmet <3